Amerikan people's Republik.

The Amerikan People's Republik is the child of a soviet based tribe that migrated from East to West coast in the United States of America. A.P.R. controls Western Amerika, and all of Canada, the two leaders are both children born in Soviet Russia. Katrina Preletskovich is the state leader of Canada while Dmitri Preletskovich is the President of the country.

The country is a rather small and some what poor country, though, the country is protected by bigger, richer countries. The Soviet Union protects Amerika, yet is not their ally.


2017: The Russians have Tribes from Siberia colonize East America, soon after, gave the Tribes freedom, then deported them to the Western part of America.

2079: West Amerika starts to modernize.

2079: West Amerika gives it's land up.

Laws and Constitution.Edit

The laws in West Amerika can be found at the warp for the capital city, and they do not own a constitution as of now.